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    this stray season hits directly
    like the path of misfired bullets
    from winter’s vengeful eventide
    campaigning its last juggernaut

    "kindly spare alms for the poor,"
    begs a wasteland on a tightrope
    “your desert will never be slaked
    by giving to us your stinging tears .”

    a lunatic runs this…

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    I am in the mood to dissolve in the sky.
    — Virginia Woolf (via bruisinq)

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  3. i put my screams in the holes of trees

    My lips are stuck together from keeping silent for so long.
    I looked up ‘okay’ in the dictionary yesterday.

    The trees woke me up this morning
    they were lonely-

    (i was too)-
    (so,) i came outside to be with them.

    Their bark was chipping from people
    throwing stones at them

    i told them i knew the feeling.
    Sticks and stones break bones

    (if youre lucky)


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    People empty me. I have to get away to refill.
    — Charles Bukowski (via perfect)
  7. In the Aeroplane Over the Sea-Neutral Milk Hotel


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    If you had stars inside your brain cells you’d probably understand what I am talking about.
    — Ernest Hemingway, The Complete Short Stories   (via mirroir)

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    licked a stamp
    and sent myself to sea
    to drift, to watch, to catch the sun
    while trees and vines
    and webs and weeds
    grew over my limbs,
    infiltrating the silence of focus.
    machinery, wheels and chains
    and blades and whirring and buzzing
    of saws speared tinnitus…

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